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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Answered Prayers

Yesterday was a weird day for me as I just wasn't feeling anything at all.  No sadness, no happiness, thankfulness, sorrow, NOTHING!  Absolutely nothing.  And then when I went to bed a prayed hard and honest about it along with some other prayers about a few other important things happening in my life.  This morning I got up and read my Bible then layed back down because I had been awake all night with the nightmares that so frequently haunt me these days.  When I got up and went to pick Grayson up from school, I received a phone call.  When I answered it was Evan's teacher was on the other end.  My heart dropped as I was worried he may be in trouble.  You know how it is when you get a call from a school teacher.  She assured me right off that it was a good phone call, that she had called to brag on Evan for his leadership in class today and his positive attitude in their class meeting today when they were discussing a bullying problem they are having in their class.  Oh how proud I was and it was a huge answer to a direct prayer from last night!  Much to my surprise He also answered another pray of financial concern for me as I was dreading having my windshield replaced and the cost associated with it after having been out of work for some time.  The wonderful part of His answers to my prayers was this....

it was not each individual answer to these issues that was so important to me, but rather the answer to a greater question that I prayed last night as I lay in bed.  "God where are you?"  That was my struggle last night.  Where is God in all of this.  Especially since I was just feeling nothing last night.  But today He was once again faithful and showed me exactly where He was.  Just as much in the the little things of my day to day life as He is the big things! 

Thank you Jesus that even when we are faithless, You are Faithful!

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