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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Carry Me

I have been trying to come here all week but just have not felt I had much to say.  I have spent much of the week with that lump in my throat over my "labor of love" from last weekend.  As I was in the store this morning preparing for Easter tomorrow, that lump was bigger than ever.  How odd it was to be buying for two when I should have been buying for four.  It was all I could do to hold back the tears.  I love getting things for my kids and this made my shopping trip a bit of a damper.  How I just wish that the six of us were riding home from the hospital in our car just in time to celebrate this joyous season of Easter.

Easter has always been a special holiday for me for several reasons.  I spent two Easters pregnant with my older two children.  Evan was actually born the day after Easter.  I remember one year when his birthday was on Easter him asking if the Easter Bunny was going to bring his birthday presents.  I laugh about that every time.  But Easter this year is so much more.  The true meaning has really hit home.  It is, after all, the events of this Holy Week that guarantee my eternity with my girls and the rest of my family when the time comes.  A time we have been so blessed to be given, yet so unworthy to receive.  A gift we could never live up to and could never pay anything in return.  As I think about our Jesus, flogged beyond recognition, spit on, yelled at and then humbly taking on His crown of thorns, I am deeply touched.  I think back to the times I have seen the movie The Passion and how it was just too horrible to watch that portion or to even listen to it for that matter.   I think of Him carrying that cross and His prayers before that from the Garden of Gethsemane.  The pain He must have felt, both physically and emotionally.  Pain that we could never fully understand.  Part of the beauty of the story is that He carried that cross for us, that cross was us.  It was me.  So in times like this, when my pain is so deep, and I'm carrying my own cross, I will humbly remember to let Him carry me.

I pray that this weekend and especially tomorrow that you would be deeply touched by the life everlasting that we have been guaranteed.  That it would hit home deeper than ever before.  That you would picture the horrific scenes of Good Friday and wake tomorrow morning to a Glorious splendor you have never know.  That the cross would really be something to you this year.  And that at the end of the day, we would all be able to take all of our brokenness there, and fully know that just as he carried that cross, he carries us.

May God Bless You and Your Family this Easter

Carry Me by Audrey Assad

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  1. M- tomorrow will be a glorious day, He is risen. He is sovereign. While it is beyond painful for you not to physically have them here,your little angels have the best home, with Him and they will be watching over you all. My prayers to you for a holy and peaceful day.